Who knew planning for surgery was a full-time job?

My life has taken a bullet train to crazy lately. I never knew that planning for surgery could be so time consuming. I started by making a list that took up an entire sheet of those cute note pages that we have around the house for grocery lists and such. I have since managed to cross off all but one item on that list!

In the past week, I have:

1) Gone on medical leave from my classes (with well wishes from my advisor, and the administration at my university).

2) Set up all my pre-op appointments and asked most of my urgent pre-op questions.

3) Changed my ticket. (Continental was surprisingly easy to deal with. Score!) I can now return to Chile any time in the next year.

4) L. is scheduled to arrive on the 3rd (Please no disruptions from the hurricane! Thank you.)

5.) I paid my credit cards and wrote down all my passwords in a *very* secret place because I’m afraid I’ll forget to pay them later. Would that be so bad, really?

6) Oh and I got a haircut. My surgeon says that I’ll be the proud new owner of a small, crescent-moon shape in the back of my head and that he will “minimize” the effect on my hair, but I decided to chop it off anyway. I don’t want to always be combing my hair and miss a chunk. A friend of mine from high-school had brain surgery about a year ago and she recommended a Rihanna-style cut and that’s what I tried to do, except I have finer hair than her and my bangs weren’t long enough in the front. Hair grows, though. (If I look pale in the photo, I blame it on these potent steroids they have me on.)

The next one I snapped in the mirror. Can you see where the right side of my brain totally forgot to zoom in and took a photo of the wall. Haha… brain joke. There will probably be more of those to come. Just warning you.

8) I’ve started a small scarf collection to hide my “crescent-moon shape” that will soon appear on the back of my head.

9) I’m getting organized! I can’t really take credit for the idea, but my mom decided that we should have a catch all folder with all my pertinent medical information and other things like pens, highlighters, those tabby things that the real organizational freaks get into and such. We are worried that because I’m a high-risk patient (Thanks mastocytosis), we might need to produce information quickly (personal experience has taught me that most doctors and nurses could use a little help in the rare disease category of Jeopardy) and we need to have it in front of us. Now, I’m just ready to get the thing out of my head. I just want it gone. Out. I want to be a normal person again. I want my life back.

One day at a time though, right?

20 responses to “Who knew planning for surgery was a full-time job?

  1. Love the hair cut!!! Good luck with everything!! I’m keepin you in my thoughts!!!

    • Thanks Shannon! As I am keeping your family in my thoughts. I never knew so many people before with brain related health issues and now I feel like I know too many :(

  2. I LOVE the hair cut, you little hottie!

    Also love the scarf collection!

    I think getting organised with your little folder and tabs and all is a little dorky but such a good idea, even if you weren’t a high risk patient!

  3. You are stunning and I love the scarfs! I have crazy short hair and probably would have just shaved my whole head (I’ve always wanted to do that).

  4. I like your haircut. Also, you have nice, big eyes. ;) The close-up provided this realization.

    Ironically, I’m in the process of getting organized but for completely different reasons…

    It looks as if some things are falling in place after the *monsoon.* ???

    • Yes, I feel like I’ve been able to take back some of the control that I thought I had lost. It’s an important step for me at this point. Good luck with your organization efforts!

  5. On a light note, I love your haircut! Short hair is so cute but most girls/women can’t pull it off. It looks great on you ;D

  6. Good call on the short haircut, it looks good and lord knows I definitely wouldn’t trust a surgeon to “minimize” the effect on your hair either, haha!

  7. You pull off the short hair so well!

  8. Hi, I arrived here from Kyle Hepp’s blog to send you some love. I don’t know you at all but I read this post and others and saw your pictures and I couldn’t not tell you that I’ll be thinking of you and wishing everything goes well during and after your surgery.
    Hang in there and trust God!

    Best wishes from Chile.

  9. Haven’t you always had a scarf collection? haha. I love scarves too though… never can have enough. Maybe I’ll send you one. ;-)

    My thoughts are with you, as always. You’re a strong chick… you know that.

    Hopefully I will see you in Chile. My visit is temporarily postponed until I know you’re back. Santiago isn’t the same without Sara. :o)

    • Obviously it’s not the same without me there! That is for sure. Well, I hope we are once again eating sushi and buying pisco sours at happy hour on Orrego Luco!

  10. You sure are a champ Sara! You are taking names and kickin’ ass and soon you’ll have that tumor’s ass kicked too!!! Love the new hair cut and I am so glad that your preparations are going smoothly. Sending lot of well wishes your way!!!!

  11. Just clicked on the link from kylehepp.com and read some of your blog. Love it! You are an interesting and brave girl. Good Luck with the op and look forward to see you blogging again soon after. Stay strong! Kristy

  12. I love your new haircut. It’s really chic.

    I’m the same way about keeping organized. It helps me feel more in control.

    Happy 4th!!!

  13. Had surgery in April but couldn’t find a cut I liked. So I’m meeting my daughter tomorrow to go to her stylist for a cut. I’ll see if they think your cut will work for me. I like it.

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