One Year Later

I looked at the date earlier today and saw that it’s been almost a year exactly since my brain tumor diagnosis. I was diagnosed on June 22nd and operated on July 6th. What a year it’s been. A year ago, did I expect I would be where I am today? Not at all.

That was a terrible day for me, June 22nd, 2010. I remember sobbing in the neurosurgeon’s office, commandeering a box of Kleenex, and making a barely intelligible international phone call. It marked the beginning of an unstoppable change in my life: I left my life in Chile, although I traveled back and forth three times and racked up frequent-flier miles; I struggled through the migraines, the memory loss, and sometimes embarrassing/funny spelling slip-ups; I went on a short soul-finding mission to Costa Rica; I lost friends I thought would be there forever, reconnected with old friends, and made new ones.

It’s been a painful year, a trying year, but it’s also been a year for personal growth. I’ve learned a lot about myself and human nature in general–that tends to happen when you apply the right amount of stress to any situation. Do I wish that things had turned out differently? In some ways, I do. I think it would be impossible not to. But, I’ve been lucky. I’ve had the chance to connect with other brain tumor survivors and my prognosis and recovery have gone better than many.

I’ve thinking that to celebrate my year of transformation, I need another change. I’ve been thinking a road-trip is in order. Maybe all the way to Texas…somewhere I can start over. I know it seems crazy, because I can’t even read a map (no, for real, I’ve been known to open one upside down), but that’s why God invented GPS, right?

I wish there was “life GPS”. Now, there’s a concept.

6 responses to “One Year Later

  1. Hey, if you can find (and stay on) I-35, you could make it to Dallas. :)

    • Technically, I’ve done the drive before, but I was not actually driving. I know it’s a straight shot, but you are forgetting how BAD I am with directions.

  2. it can only go up from here right? ;)
    You are one of the strongest people I know, well, semi-know. hah.
    Take a long roadtrip! Driving through the fields of texas are actually quite pretty(atleast the ones i passed going to mexico). You should go into New Mexico and explore some of the beautiful canyons they have too!

    • Thanks :)
      I’m not sure how long the road-trip will be. I think just a couple of days down there. I’m thinking of relocating there. Did I mention that in the post?

  3. NO. No Texas. The east coast is so much better! and I hear that the DC area is quite lovely. ;) (but sure, road trip there and have fun… but then ditch the cowboy hats)

  4. Sara,

    Please come to Texas!! It is wonderful here. Wide open, sunshine, friendly people, good Tex-Mex, Auntie M is here, Grandpa “winters” here. Depending upon whether you choose Galveston or Corpus, you are 6-8 hours to the Gulf Coast. We personally like Port Aransas (have been to all of the other tourist locations like south padre and still like Port A the best). Shopping, we have fantastic shopping. I remember what a furor it caused when Whole Foods opened up a store in Manhattan. Hey, we’ve had Whole Foods here in Texas from the beginning. Texans innovate and the rest of the country copies! Having lived here 30 years, I can understand why those that defended the Alamo drew the line in the sand!!

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