Denver: In iPhone Photos

I hardly ever carry a camera anymore. I use my phone for everything unfortunately. The plus side is that it’s slim and multi-functional, the other side it, however, that the pictures at the bottom of this post look like they were taken on a phone. Just a head’s up.

I’m back from Denver. I know it’s only a one hour time difference, but I’m feeling surprisingly jet-lagged. I refuse to believe that’s from the late nights I put in, er, exploring the city and am instead blaming it on the time difference, early mornings, and tedious, repetitive classes.

Without saying much about my job, I will say that it’s at a non-profit and that I was hired with a government grant. If that gives you a clue, then good for you. If it doesn’t, then, well, sorry. We learned so much about the people we will be helping that I felt a little conspicuous, being about 85% finished with an MBA and an obvious symbol of business, capitalism, and consumerism. I tried not to let it bother me too much until a guy I met commented on a city near my new home in Texas as being: “The most hideous display of consumerism and opulence I’ve ever had the misfortune of witnessing.” I wanted to scream, “Your idealism is thrilling, but who do you think is paying the taxes that are now paying YOUR salary? Business and consumerism that’s who!” But, I digress.

I don’t want to act like I’m tooting my own horn, or like a know-it-all (which I am, but that’s beside the point), but they conducted the training at the lowest level. If you had walked in knowing nothing about it, you would walk out feeling educated. Time well spent. I, on the other hand, had  a broad, liberal arts edumacashun and had already learned many of the facts and figures we poured over over and over again. I also have an opinion on everything. Yes, everything. And if I don’t, I can usually form one pretty quickly. See, I just did! I think our group’s presenter cringed internally every time she saw my hand shoot up a la the third grade. I eventually gave up because I can’t, in good faith, cause someone discomfort.

The mile-high city was beautiful. Everyone commented on the unusual sight of mountains surrounding the city–a sight that made me feel at home, like I was back in Santiago, yet everyone spoke English and many of them punctuated their sentences with “y’all”. (Thanks to the Texas group I spent four days with, I’m about one cup of coffee away from letting a y’all slip and promptly banging my head on a wall.)

I wish I had more time to explore the natural side of Denver, or even more of the city. Denver has a unique, funky vibe. The first night we took the light rail to downtown and got off at 16th Street station, a mile-long stretch of bars, restaurants, and shopping.

Pianos like this are scattered throughout down town. They are all painted in a different design. It reminded me of the Snoopy statues that used to preside in St. Paul or the bears in Berlin.

I wish I knew what this building was, but I liked the blue lighting in the pre-dusk sky.

A perfect iPhone view of around 16th Street, if I do say so!

My free time in Denver was much too short. Too bad I had to go get a job, or I could keep up this lifestyle I refer to as “professional gypsy-ism”. I start work on Monday! Today is my last weekday of freedom. Wish me luck!

7 responses to “Denver: In iPhone Photos

  1. It’s so cool to see my city through someone else’s eyes (/iPhone lens)! (PS I think that clock tower was originally part of a department store… they got rid of the store [may your anti-capitalist colleague rejoice!] and kept the clock tower because, well, it looks cool.)
    Sorry we didn’t get to meet up while you were here, but it seems like they kept y’all (oops) pretty busy. Denver has so much to offer so if you ever want to come explore more, let me know. And ski season will be upon us before we know it (this is half-exciting, half-terrifying to me), and it seems like we always have a surplus of buddy passes if that’s something you’d want to do!
    Good luck with your first official day on Monday! Your job sounds like you’ll have the chance to do a lot of good — and what else matters, really?

  2. Aw man, that’s weird… well Mercury was in retrograde, so I guess it’s to be expected!

    • Is it?! I forgot! That would explain it then ;) I hate Mercury in retrograde. That’s why my plane was delayed on Tuesday, too! Delays and miscommunications.

  3. Your iPhone pictures turned out pretty good. Really like the piano.

    Good luck with that rat race thing.

  4. I’ve seen the Denver airport… quite an amazing architecture, and beautiful Colorado Springs with the Garden of the Gods. My phone’s pictures are blurry half the time. Your’s weren’t that bad. Good luck to you in your new career!

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