The time I went to an outdoor music festival {Viña 2012}

Hey! We are back from Buenos Aires and I don’t have the pictures ready yet. (Hint: they have to be edited…Another hint: I don’t edit photos.) It was a great time. Expect those photos soon!

About a month ago, it was announced that Morrissey would be coming to Chile – for the first time – at an annual, weeklong music festival/competition/awards show held in Viña del Mar. My husband was ecstatic and asked me if I liked Morrissey. “Of course, I like Morrissey…I think.”

Later I googled, “What is a Morrissey?” Fortunately, as it turns out with many artists, I liked a handful of his songs without knowing he was the singer.

At the Festival de Viña each night, there is a main act, an international artist competition, a folklore competition, another artist (but usually lesser known), and sometimes a comedian.

The festival is held in the Quinta Vergara – an outdoor theatre. Despite having seen this festival on TV for three years, I somehow failed to realize that it was an outdoor festival. Who knows? Maybe it’s because I always saw the female presenters wearing skimpy, sleeveless dresses and assumed that it was in a climate-controlled building, not what is essentially an outdoor amphitheater. Or maybe all of that somehow computed, but because technically it’s still summer on the calendar, I ignored it.

As we were dressing to leave for the festival, I saw everyone pull out their fleece jackets, boots, and scarves. Thinking it was the usual Chilean overkill (the same that makes mothers wrap their babies up like little mummies when it’s 60 degrees), I dressed in a light jacket, and a thin, long-sleeved dress. Our seats were great, albeit metallic and cold, think 55 degrees (13 celsius). I rock at logic and reasoning, right? As you can see, I froze my toes off. Literally.

A blurry shot of the presenters. Personally, their booming voices and intonation started grating on my frozen nerves.

Salvatore Adamo came on before Morrissey. I’d never heard of him before, but I found his lilting Belgian accent, romantic songs, and contagious enthusiasm appealing and was soon swaying along.

And then there was Morrissey. I’m sure you have all heard of this dude before (and didn’t have to google him) but I was less than impressed – although, I was one of the only ones. The women in front of me were so moved they started crying. I’ve rarely been so affected/afflicted(?) by music ever. Does that mean something is wrong with me?

Part of his contract stipulated that he had to come on before 1 AM, and they canceled the folklore competition to allow for it. He also wanted no awards – just a solid 90 minute set, and didn’t allow himself to be filmed up close during the entire set, so even though we were close, we never saw his face. How nice it must be to be an artist who had a booming career twenty years ago!

During one song, Morrissey, an avowed vegan, showed images, that would have made PETA cringe, of animals being tortured, caged, and prepped for slaughter. I have nothing wrong with vegans (I was almost one for two years and still claim flexitarian status), but I do have a problem with celebrities who think that being vegan/macrobiotic/whatever makes them somehow a better and more evolved human beings because of it and therefore try to recruit the masses ad nauseam.

Whew! Tangent!

Despite the cold, and the aloof attitude of a certain singer, I had a great time. Maybe you even saw me on TV? No? It’s probably because my face was covered by a homemade poster from the people in front of us, who jumped like they were on fire trying to be noticed by the camera.

See, I’m a late bloomer relatively when it comes to concerts. My first big name concert was when I was 21 in Munich, Germany when I saw Tori Amos with friends. So, it doesn’t take much to impress me. Seriously. Just look like you enjoy playing for an audience and don’t show images of cows’ eyes being gauged out.

5 responses to “The time I went to an outdoor music festival {Viña 2012}

  1. IC never went to a concert until he met me (at the ripe old age of 25)…I’m with you though, you’re paying a lot of money to see some one entertain you – so you know, that certain someone should look like they’re at least enjoying themselves!

    *the exception is Bob Dylan…

  2. Looks like you scored awesome seats!

    I went to Vina several years ago and made the same mistake re: clothing. My most vivid memories: 1) When an all-out balloon war broke out in the audience and 2) When the women, fed up with having to wait 20 minutes for the bathroom while men were waltzing quickly in and out, took over the men’s room.

    • The same bathroom takeover happened. The line for the women’s bathroom was so long that I didn’t drink anything the whole night because I didn’t want to wait in the line.

  3. studiovalparaiso


    Asi que fuiste al festival….lo unico que puedo decir es QUE LATA!!!
    Creo lo mejor fue Mozz, nada más, el único artista de calidad, yo hubiese ido a verlo pero las entradas estaban agotadas para cuando me entere que venía, igual no siendo fan de Mozz, me hubiese gustado escucharlo en vivo, pues, me gustan muchas canciones que de adolescente escuchaba mucho y me sentí en algún punto identificado con ellas. En fin, también encontré de mal gusto exhibir visuales de animales siendo faenados, si bien no soy vegetariano, tampoco apoyo la sobre matanza de animales en cantidad industrial para alimentar al ser humano pero llegar a exhibir esas visuales (porque eso era lo que eran, y no video como popularmente se cree) igual fue un poco desubicado como para esa ocasión. En fin, supongo que fue el deseo de Mozz y que siendo un artista de su talla se le perdona. Por cierto, y siendo bien troll, alguien le dijo a Mozz que parte de las lucas que echo al bolsillo por su actuación provienen de uno de los mataderos industriales (agrosuper) mas grandes del país? Agrosuper es uno de los auspiciadores del festival, super contradictorio, no? en fin. Por lo demás, no sabía que tenía una actitud tan de “divo” con respecto, a las tomas con la cámaras, el tipo debe tener el ego del porte de un buque…bueno supongo que se lo puede permitir, no?

    Por cierto, este festival esta cada año más chanta, me carga, y no estoy ni ahi. Hasta el festival de Dichato es más entrete que esta mugre (mal)llamada festival. En fin, parece que no la pasaste tan mal y me alegro, por mi parte creo que no podré jamás los pies en la quinta durante los dias del festival a menos que sea para un artista de calidad real, espero que algún día traigan a The Cure


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