The sad wi-fi truth

I’m going to start this post with a big, extended: SIIIIIIIIGH! There, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I feel much better.Where was I? Oh, yes, I was about to write about our quest to get wi-fi installed in our apartment may have come to a sad end. Remember when I itinally wrote about the problem? And then when I vented about the craptastic service from the geniuses at Movistar?

Well, something may have topped that. Yes, for real. Once we decided to cancel our service with Movistar (service being a generous term since it never worked, ever), we started looking for competitors. My husband called VTR. Immediately, they stated, “We don’t own the cables in that building, so we have to see your rental contract.” That’s right. The rental agreement. Like we would be trying to hook up an apartment that isn’t ours because we are just that nice.

In the meantime, I took my computer to the Mac Online store in Santiago to get it checked out. Because if it really was malfunctioning, I was going to cry, throw something at a wall, or maybe both…The tech assured me that my baby¬†macbook was running perfectly and that the internet providers here are inherently morons who don’t know how to install a router. Okay, I may have edited his comment to make my point. Just a bit…

Finally, after a week and a lot of scrounging around for the stupid rental agreement, VTR gets back to us with their verdict. Are you ready? Are you REALLY ready? Here it is: Dang. We don’t have permission to install in that building.


Another sigh.

Really? I mean, seriously? You needed a rental contract to see that? A simple MAP wouldn’t have done it? GAH! Just an example of lots of useless, meaningless, inefficient crap you have to do in order to be told more useless, meaningless, inefficient crap. Sorry, is my annoyance showing?

At any rate, I’ve been back to coffee-shopping it up. I know. Poor me, right? I’ve become quite the regular at the one I frequent. I am practically on a first name basis with the baristas. Well, kind of. They know my favorite drinks, but I try to switch it up. Got to keep them on their toes. It makes life interesting, people.

It reminds me of when I worked at a coffee shop during college. Yes, I was a barista at a small-town, family owned coffee shop for almost two years. Best freaking job ever. I remember all of our regulars who would come in. I can’t remember their names anymore, but I can still recall their nicknames: Conspiracy Theorist, Southern Gentleman, Tweaker, Divorced Soccer Mom, Refill Lady, The Sicilian. We weren’t always kind.

I wonder, what do they call me? Small Coffee and Wi-fi Girl? I usually remember to tip, so I hope it’s at least nice!

Sadly, it looks like I may need to curb my java habit in light of my recent heart palpitations, headaches, anxiousness, and general hating everyone who crossed my path, after I sucked down two cups in less than an hour.

Lest you think I'm complaining, I'm just highly caffeinated.

What’s a girl who needs to be connected to do?

11 responses to “The sad wi-fi truth


    Sara, I seldom make comments on your blog but I want you to know that I read ever entry and I think you have a real gift for story telling. You have the right words and great timing. Keep at it.

  2. Wow- that is nonsense! I would certainly be freaking out and making a scene (Which I’m sure you might have) On the other hand, its not so bad to get out of the house and frequent a cafe, I have been thinking of doing it myself. But I don’t drink coffee, maybe you should try tea instead to cool your nerves? :) Good luck, I hope you get reconnected!!

    • It’s nice once and a while, but not everyday. Fortunately my husband’s computer works better with our building’s shoddy signal and I can use that for the most part. But my computer is sooo much prettier!

  3. studiovalparaiso


    So sorry about the wifi issues, I suggest you to check Entel that, i believe, also offers internet and from what I heard, the monthly fee is not expensive and the service is rather good. You know, it’s quite messed up about all the permission stuff, I never heard of it before, it just happens in Santiago, in Valparaiso it doesn’t happen at all, for instance, the building where i’m currently living in, there are ppl getting internet from 3 different ISP (vtrobo, vomistar and telmex) and as far as I know, nobody had issues hiring the service from different providers, you should call Telmex and/or Entel and hear what they have to offer according to your needs or errr….if they have permission to use the cables….what a crap! you know what, I’ll be uber pissed, call Entel or Telmex right away!


    • It seems that Entel offers mobile internet, not wifi. And to me it looked quite expensive considering that after you use a certain amount of data it slows your speed down to a crawl.

  4. That would drive me nuts. I’ve had my issues here with comcast and on 3 separate occasions I’ve solicited the help of one of our TV consumer reporters who always helps me.
    Hang in!

  5. I have to admit that I enjoy making up nicknames for people; it’s some of my best work. :)

    Hope that you’re able to get wifi soon….

  6. How frustrating! My problem’s with my laptop – not the wifi. I practically have to sit on top of the router to get a signal go to my laptop because it’s utterly ridiculous. No point in trying to sit in a coffee shop – my laptop would never find the signal. :S

    I do hope you manage to find a good service soon, hun.

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