The Cold

For the past week or so, I’ve been fighting off a cold. It’s great because pregnant women can’t take anything for their colds, so I’ve been suffering through it with my neti pot, tea, and mint-scented tissues. Also one of my ears is plugged and keeps popping at random intervals. I tried to demonstrate when I get the sensation, but apparently I looked quite humorous stretching my mouth out like I was roaring while simultaneously rolling my eyes back in my head.

The worst part is that I know exactly when I got sick. I was stepping on the metro as a very droopy man was stepping off. He took one step forward and hacked his plague germs into my face and walked off, lighter because he coughed out his cold out on me. My husband asked me later why I didn’t say anything to him. How can I curse out taxi drivers, yell at women who cut me off in line, and not say anything to an imbecile who doesn’t have the decency to cover his mouth when he expels his grossness all over my face? What was I supposed to say? Please, dear sir, consider covering your mouth before you cough, if you would be so kind. I doubt that would have made our one second exchange any more pleasant.

On second thought, maybe it wasn’t that man and his disgustingness. It could have been the railing I touched on the metro that a million other people ran their slimy, snotty hands across. It could be my new coworkers who are dropping like flies with various lung and throat afflictions. Maybe it was the basket I used when I went shopping that was crawling with microbes. This is why I just love winter. Yes, that comment was dripping with sarcasm. Sorry, WordPress doesn’t have a sarcastic font.

I guess in spite of being cold sick, I should be happy I haven’t been as sick with the Yuck as I was. My mom keeps asking me how much weight I’ve gained and I have to keep telling her that it’s more a question of gaining back what I lost when I kept throwing everything up. My inlaws gave me strict instructions to eat more – like I ever needed to be told to eat.

Please excuse me while I go eat something and work on popping my ear on command.


6 responses to “The Cold

  1. I tend to think about all the germs that are one the handrails for public transport A LOT. but then I think being in contact with some germs means maintaining a healthy immune system…right? or something? I don’t know. But definitely go eat something :)

    • Generally speaking I think that is the case, but pregnant women have a lowered immune response, so we shouldn’t be exposed to germs!

  2. I didn’t gain weight until month 6. Although I did change shape. Hope that the puking stops sooner rather than later. No matter what, it will stop once you give birth. :)

  3. Awww, bless you, hun. This pregnancy hasn’t been easy, has it?

    I hate that moment though – When someone coughs a load of plague in your face and you just know that that’s the moment you’re going to get ill. Or when you’re sitting on a train and you can hear the person sitting behind you coughing a real chesty cough every 3 seconds. It’s those horrible moments when you know the Black Death is looming.

  4. I hate it when I get the cold. Here in China though, I have 1.2 billion suspects :)

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