3 Things A Pawn Shop Will Give You Top Dollar For Often

PawnWhen you consider pawning anything, you will find that you will not get paid for everything that you have. Some people assume that a local pawn shop will take anything you have, and will give you a loan or even buy things outright. That’s not always the case. When it comes to getting top dollar from these companies, you’ll have to look into something a bit deeper.

The most compelling of options today will actually surprise some, as pawn solutions only focus on valuables that they can either resell or they can collect for inventory to raise value of different elements. One thing that never gets old, and something that companies always look for include 3 things that you may have in your home right now. If you’re looking at using a pawn shop for financial gain, consider the following 3 things to sell or even pawn for a loan.


The first thing that many shops will give you top dollar for is that of watches. Not just any old watch, mind you, you’ll need to have something that is of a substantial value. Some solutions to keep in mind include top quality named options like Rolex, Ohmega, Cartier, and others that are often the most expensive to procure. Now, you could have options that are decades old, or something that is newer as well. The goal is to ensure that the items are in good condition, and sometimes have the original documentation. Watches of this type garner a lot of attention and will often get top dollar when you’re seeking to get them sold.

Broken Jewelry

The next thing that you will find to be true about what pawn shops will want to buy is that of broken jewelry. This is something that most people don’t really understand at full glance. Yes, your items that are broken, old, and otherwise not working can garner you a great deal of money if you pawn them. Broken jewelry is something that is still valuable, as long as it is pure. If you have precious metal items that are in fact gold, silver, or even platinum, then you have something that is still very much a valuable item. Pawn solutions known this, and will pay you quite a bit for them. Don’t dismiss broken or old items, they can get you paid.

Diamonds, Rings, and Other Jewelry

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Of course if a pawn shop will pay you top dollar for broken jewelry, they will pay you for items that are still complete and usable. This includes diamonds, rings, and any other precious metal jewelry that you may have. No matter what you have, if it’s made of precious metals, you can garner a great deal of money, and that’s something worth investigating on a deeper level.

Either way, you’re going to find that you can focus on getting top dollar from a pawn solution if you focus on the above 3 things. These options are not only great to work with, they are going to pay off dividends if you just get a loan.


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