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Vision Field Test and Other Productive Things

My field vision test yesterday went okay. Or so I think. Having never had one before in my life it was interesting. You sit on a stool and stare into a large sphere that sort of looks like a big golf ball and watch a tiny, little dot of light bounce around and then–in my case–hit the table with a marker when you see the dot. Cool? Right? I thought the woman giving me the test was you know, like, a doctor but when she finished she said that she had to send my results to someone who specializes in neuro-ophthalmology. I had no idea that there was even such a thing as neuro-ophthalmologists but I have two thoughts: 1. Uhm…sweet. 2. Sounds like they make bank because everyone knows the more syllables in your job title the more money you make.

The one thing she did ask me was what I actually saw in my peripheral vision: a. blackness? b. light? c. colors?. I answered b. Although color would be cool…She said she could tell. I told her that sometimes I wasn’t sure if I was seeing her bouncing light or one that I made in my head. I thought she was going to answer, “Did you drive yourself here? For the love of God don’t get back in that vehicle!” But, she didn’t.

So, now that I have no more excuses, I know that  instead of writing in my blog I should be doing something useful like er writing a paper or preparing for my trip but I’m not. Today, I have done exactly -2 productive things: jogging and writing this post. Hmmm…

I leave in a week for Chile and I really haven’t done anything to prepare for it. Oh yeh, I did buy trip insurance and I guess yesterday I a  bought travel sized shampoo. So, now I am the proud owner of an insurance policy I will probably not use and a very tiny bottle of shampoo which I probably will. Eventually.

Instead, I’ve been sort of planning out a travel flow chart in my head (this is what the MBA has done to me–it’s scary) because I always have bad luck interesting stories from when I travel.

Then, I started thinking about how many times I’ve been to that teeny Santiago airport and I couldn’t. I do remember the first and what I thought would be the last. When I left Chile in 2006 on Christmas Eve, there was no one on our flight. We all lined up to do that final security check that you have to do before boarding a US bound flight (which was new that year) and somehow the line split in two and I ended up last. No biggie. Well, they had a table set up with three security guards checking passengers and then a dirty looking partition where another security guard took passengers for what I thought was some sort of private screening? Dunno.

Anyway, as my luck would have it, I got dirty partition guy. He grinned lasciviously at me. Jeez. You know how normally those people couldn’t care less what you have in your carry-on? They just open it, peer inside, and call out for the next passenger? Yeh, not this guy. He removed everything from my very tightly packed backpack and wanted to know where I had been staying, did I like Chile, etc.

Around the time he got to the “Do you have a boyfriend?” and “Will you ever come back to Chile?” they called out that they were closing the gate. Finally, he let me go and I screamed over my shoulder, “No and no!”

When I got on the flight, my friend ran up to me and said she had been fighting with a flight attendant to not close the gate because the last time she saw me I had been disappearing behind a partition with a sketchy security guard.

I think it’s funny that at the time I was so convinced I would never be back and now I can’t even remember how many times I have.

Life is funny like that.

Now, off to do something productive!