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A regular 9 to 5

I haven’t been on the interwebs in almost a week. I hope you haven’t missed me. I missed you. Well, the nice ones…

This week I made my way back to the working world. I’ll pause for you to take that in. Ready? Moving on…I know I wrote months ago that I had accepted a job and would soon be starting. Well, that didn’t happen. In the end, I decided that it seemed like a very interesting place to work, it just wasn’t the right fit for me. I felt bad, but I ended up declining it.

I figured the job offers would just come rolling in after that. After all, I was a recent MBA grad who spoke English. How naive I was! My expectations were met with crickets and my accounts on the popular job searching sites grew cobwebs.

Then two weeks ago I saw a listing for a job in an expat group I belong to and responded. I had an interview the same week. I was nervous because I had to cancel it when I ended up in the ER; however, they rescheduled. And it all worked out!

This was my first week of work.

And I felt rusty. The few social graces I had, have atrophied over the last three months of the Yuck. I laugh awkwardly at my own jokes, dominate conversations because I’m starved for a two-sided give and take, assume I know the answer to every question, and generally annoy those sitting closest to me.

Fortunately, the hours are flexible and I can still maintain my schedule that is chock¬†full of sleeping in and avoiding the crush on the metro. Speaking of the metro, I hadn’t taken it to commute in ages. And people are really, really weird in the morning. Some may say the weirdos come out at night, I attest that they come out in the morning in their business-casual finest. I watch them taking their last laborious puffs on their cigarettes before heading down the escalator to board the train. Then, I watch as they run, or full-out sprint, to an approaching car, and push other people out of their trajectory. I observe as the frantic commuters shove each other as they get on and off the cars. The whole time I watch I smugly think that I’m so lucky I have flexible hours and am smart enough to leave my apartment with PLENTY OF TIME – a concept that has yet to take root in Chile.

On a side note, I work in a neighborhood that has a plethora of ethnic food options. Want authentic falafel or real Korean food in Santiago? Send me an email. I am now a mini expert. This is a good thing since I still don’t feel like cooking for myself and there is only so much salted, spiceless food one can take. (Sorry, Chile, I like many things about you, but your menu could use a makeover).

It’s been good to get back to being busy every day. My mood has improved….times 100. And now we have a long weekend. It’s Navy Day on Monday. How’s that? First week of work and the second week is a short week. Awesomeness.

How are you readers?