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EEG Glue and Other Fun Times

I’ve had an awful headache since last Wednesday. That’s what the two emergency room visits were for. Well that and the uncontrollable vomiting. Sorry…TMI. I know. I’ll be more carefull.

I met with my surgeon and he looked at the CT images that the emergency room doctors ordered and said they were wrong. He said there was no indication of bleeding or scar tissue just healing brain tissue. However, to put me at ease he ordered an MRI and an EEG which I went around called an EKG for the better part of a day because I had no idea they were different. Now I have no idea what an EKG is. Something important…maybe…

The MRI went fine. It was the same MRI tech from my pre-op MRI and she recognized me even though I couldn’t see her very well and it wasn’t until she told me we had met that I remembered. In the end, she said she was no expert but she thought things looked well.

Actually, the whole reason for the tests was because my doctor thinks I’m having little seizures. It would make sense: the visions of (now they are golden retrievers), the weakness, the inability to speak a complete sentence during an “episode”, the horrible headaches which actually might be more like a seizure hangover. And here we thought normal hangovers had all the fun…

When I arrived to my EEG appointment, I was expecting to be there for only 20-60 minutes which is about the standard EEG test length according to my research. Then there was some furious whispering and I caught the words “twenty-four hour ambulatory EEG”. What does that mean? Well…I will explain. It means that those funny, looking little electrodes that they stick *painfully* on your skull and in your hair with smelly glue stay on you for an entire day not just the time that you are in the office, sitting in the uncomfortable chair reading the brochures aptly titled “What is Epilepsy?” and “How soon can you drive after your last seizure? By state”. Don’t worry, I did brush up on my seizure trivia knowledge and can now tell you that the best know seizure where the person drops to the ground and shakes uncontrollably is only one type of seizure. There are like ten or something. Maybe more.

When I left the EEG tech told me that I would look like I had a head wound for a day because she had to wrap the electrodes to protect them. The gauze was tighter than right after my surgery.  The best part was the the wires connected to a hideous fashionable little purse where the “brain” was that documented everything.

Shortly after, I ran into my surgeon who asked me if I wanted a picture with the wires and the gauze.

“Of course!”
“You’re serious?”
“Why wouldn’t I be? Someone needs to document this.”

Sorry for the picture quality. I only had my iPhone to take it with. Can you see all my wires sticking out back? The lovely graze wrap job she did came off later when I went back the the ER for the same headache. I convinced myself that the gauze was cutting off the circulation to my brain and I ripped it off like it was on fire. No one said anything. They must be used to crazy people coming in and doing even weirder things.
 L. isn’t here to help me take kick ass photos, but I tried to snap this of myself as the dog came over to kiss me. He normally doesn’t kiss me or sit by me. See, my family doesn’t like to discipline him too much. I do. Therefore he trembles in my presence, but he behaves. Yesterday he smelled my EEG machine and the gauze and actually sat on me. The cat did the same thing later. It was strange. I think animals know.

Now, I have it off for real. Although I still have chunks of smelly, hard EEG glue stuck in my hair. They recommended nail polish remover and hot oil treatments so I did that. Looks like I might need more tomorrow because I still look like I have the world’s largest dandruff chunks stuck to my scalp.

I’ll end on a happy note. Thank you to Jess from What’s the Story Morning Glory! She sent me a scarf that she made herself. That’s pretty awesome considering that we are just “blog” friends. Also, I would like to thank Heather from China to Chile! Right before my surgery, she sent me a journal and I was so preoccupied I forgot to thank her. She’s moving to Chile soon, so check out her blog.

All my blog friends have been really amazing lately. I’ve received cards and little presents from blog friends all around the world. I think that makes them “real” friends now, don’t you? Note to self: Tell L. to stop teasing me about my internet friends.