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Word on the Miners and Pictures from the Weekend

Last night they began to bring up the 33 trapped Chilean miners. I started out watching this from the US and what struck me is that the scenario would have played out differently there. Near Copiapó, the families set up camp around the mine. They stopped going to work. The children stopped going to school. Then, they waited to see their trapped husbands, brothers, or fathers. I don’t know why I feel that in the US people would have tried to get back to their normal lives and the whole event might have been swept under the rug as being bad PR or a bad image for the industry. Instead, the Chilean families basically moved to Copiapó. I watched something last week that talked about a school they set up so that the children wouldn’t fall too far behind. I’ve got to hand it to the country of Chile for sticking with their trapped compatriots.

We started watching last night while we where at a sandwich shop. The waiters were discussing between themselves whether they should show the gran rescate or a soccer match. Eventually, they decided on both and switched awkwardly between the two. Then, we went home and watched the news for about four more hours. At 1:20 this morning, we turned off the TV. They had just brought up the second miner. You could feel the country cheering as they announced it. I believe that as I write this they have brought up the 12th.

I’m truly impressed the see how the entire country, no actually the entire world, has kept the miners in their thoughts and prayers.


This last weekend, I didn’t take any pictures. I brought a camera of course, but as with the best of intentions, I didn’t use it once. L on the other hand took lots of photos and I’ve gotten so used to it that I just now assume he will give me them afterwards.

This is the classic image of the tiny fishing town of Horcón: the boat and the statue stuck on the rocks with seagulls and pelicans flying about. I’ve got a thing for pelicans. I’m not quite sure if I wish to examine that statement further or not. I think it has something to do with their comically constructed bodies.

We took a walk along the beach and found a row of old, retired boats. L told me to get inside and I learned that boats rock on dry ground as well.

Getting out was tricky…

A rock full of mussels. I thought they were mollusks. Shows you what I learned in 7th grade biology.

Okay, so I might have a thing for seagulls too. I think I know where it’s from. When I was a baby, my first word was “duck”. I have a bird thing, apparently. I was odd even then, I know.

This photo has a small story. We were walking back to the hotel after walking on the beach and I looked at the key. The key chain was a pink ribbon from one my L’s my favorite stores, DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse). I said we had to take a picture of it because “How many times do you find something from your my favorite store in Chile?” So, we took the photo and then went inside and took a four-hour long nap. Yes, we are super fun like that. When we were getting ready to go out for dinner, we started looking at each other like: “Where is the key? I thought you had it. No, I don’t have it.” It was still in the door. We laughed. Shows you how tranquil the little town is. You can leave your door open along the “busiest”strip in town and no one will walk in.